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These Rules and Regulations apply to admission requirements and professional examinations set and administered by the Institute of Bankers in Malawi for the Certificate in Banking Program.

Candidates for the Certificate level must satisfy the following entry requirements.

  1. Must at least have Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) with
    credits   in   English   Language   and   Mathematics   or   an   equivalent
  2. Any other qualification approved by the Institute at the recommendation of
    the Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee.
  3. Candidates wishing to register for examinations will have to complete
    prescribed forms which should be accompanied by prescribed registration


  1. Exemptions will  be granted  at the discretion  of the  Institute at the
    recommendation of the Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee.
  2. Exemptions will  be granted to students who  possess academic and
    professional qualifications from recognized educational institutions which
    are acceptable by the Institute.
  3. Applications  for  exemptions   must  be   accompanied   by  documentary
    evidence of the qualification papers and exemption application fees.

4.1      Examination results will be ready within two months from the date on which the last examination paper is written.

  1. If for any reason a student has failed to sit for examinations after paying
    examination fees, the fees will be carried forward and the student will be allowed
    to sit for the next examinations provided that notification for such change is
    received by the Institute two weeks before the examination date.
  2. Failure to do so shall mean the examination fees will be forfeited.  However, such
    students will be requested to pay an administration handling fee which will be
    equivalent to 20% of the total examination fees paid.
  3. Similarly, if a student wants to withdraw from examinations after paying the fees,
    the  Institute will  deduct 20% from fees already paid  as  handling fee and
    reimburse the balance.
  4. Students will only be allowed to defer examinations twice and any further
    deferments on other grounds other than due to illness or death of a close relative
    will not be allowed. In such cases, the examination fees will be forfeited.

The Council of the Institute will fully exercise its authority to impose penalties, at its discretion including disqualification from the Institute's examinations and/or membership, on any candidate who may have been found to have breached the Rules and Regulations of examinations or committed an act of misconduct in respect of any other matter affecting the Institute.
The irregularities students to be punished for may include but not limited to the following;

  1. Smuggling of forbidden/foreign material in the examination room.
  2. Copying answers from another candidate or referring to books,
    notes or any other unauthorized sources.
  3. Communicating and/or colluding with others in the examination
    room in a manner as to suggest cheating or passing on or receiving
  1. There shall be an Adhoc Appeals Committee which will be constituted on a need
    basis and disbanded after resolving any specific issues referred to.   The Adhoc
    Appeals Committee shall be constituted by the Chairman of the Academic and
    Quality Monitoring Committee.
  2. Any student wishing to make an appeal must direct his/her case to the Executive
    Director, Institute of Bankers who will in turn direct it to the Chairperson of the
    Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee.
  3. Upon   receiving  an  appeal,  the  Chairperson  of the Academic and  Quality
    Monitoring Committee will constitute an Adhoc appeals Committee which will
    consist of one Council Member who will chair the committee and three other
    reputable individuals from IOB Malawi corporate members to handle the case.
  4. A student making an appeal shall be heard on his/her appeal orally or in writing
    and he/she shall bear the cost of appealing for the purpose of being heard.
  5. Any official of the Institute affected by the appeal or his nominee shall be invited
    as witnesses.
  6. After   hearing   the   case,   the   Adhoc   Appeals   Committee   will   make   its
    recommendations to the Chairperson of the Academic and Quality Monitoring
    Committee who will forward the case to the IOB Malawi Council with comments
    for final decision. The Council's determination on any matter will be final.

The Council may, at the recommendation of the Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee, revise, amend or modify these rules and regulations in order to meet needs of the profession.

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